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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my boiler need repairing or replacing?
Most boilers should enjoy a 10-15 year lifespan, though this can vary depending on the care you take with your system. With regular annual servicing and repairs when required from qualified professionals, you should expect that your system will last a long time. If you discover that the unit keeps breaking down, fails to perform its tasks well, is inefficient, or requires expensive repairs, then it's time to upgrade to a new model. It is also worth upgrading your system if you find that your energy costs are rising; modern units are extremely energy efficient, and thus can save you a lot of money in the long run.
What are the different boiler types available?
There are various types available, from a wide range of manufacturers. By far the most common are powered by mains gas, though electric options are also available. We can also supply and fit units that use alternative fuels such as oil or LPG. There are three main types of unit that are fitted in most UK properties. Combis are the most popular, and usually the cheapest to run; these power your central heating and provide hot water on demand through a built-in water heater - if you install a combi you won't need a separate hot water tank. The second type is a system boiler, which stores hot water and performs heats the property through the unit. Finally, some older properties may be better suited to a standard boiler. This has both cold and hot water tanks, and usually works with existing electrics and gas supplies.
What is a combi boiler?
A combi (combination) is the most common type of heating system, fitted in many UK properties. As the name implies, it performs the dual tasks of running your central heating, and also provides on-demand hot water, thanks to the built-in water heater unit. Unlike other types, a combi doesn't require you to have a separate hot water tank. It is therefore ideal when you have limited space, or if you wish to free space by getting rid of your old water tank. Since 2010, all combi units much reach at least 'A' efficiency rating, meaning this is a good choice for saving money. Around 70% of UK homes rely on combis for their heating and hot water supply. Other benefits include a cheaper installation, as there are fewer parts, and less risk of failure from freezing pipes, electrics, or issues with a separate tank.
What is the process if you agree to our quotation?
We will provide you with a detailed, no-obligation quotation for replacement or repair at no cost. We will discuss your options in terms of how long the repair or fitting process will take, agree a date of your convenience, and provide a complete breakdown of the quote, including any plumbing or electrics, and take an initial deposit. Our customer service team will be on hand to talk you through any changes, for example if you need to change the installation date, and we will provide a qualified, professional service at all times. All products come with a manufacturer warranty, and should you require peace of mind we can offer regular servicing and care plans that will ensure your system runs efficiently from the moment it is installed and throughout its lifetime. We can also provide emergency repair services.
Is my central heating and water available during my installation?
There will be no central heating or hot water available from the boiler during the installation, though of course should you have alternative systems such as an electric shower or hot taps, these will be unaffected. Your cold water supply will not be affected. Most repairs or installations take place in less than one working day. However, if the installation is complex and requires additional time, we will endeavour to ensure you are not left without heating or hot water indefinitely; temporary heating alternatives can be offered on request.
Can I use household appliances during my installation?
Yes! Your other electric and gas appliances will be unaffected during a majority of the installation, though we may need to carry out final connections that require your gas and electricity to be briefly switched off. We will of course advise you when this is required. You can use your everyday appliances, such as kettles, cookers and gas or electric fires throughout the process until those final connections are required. Should we need to switch off your gas and/or electric for a longer period, we can offer temporary heat solutions if required.
Does my new boiler come with a guarantee or service plan?
Every new unit comes with the standard manufacturer warranty as well as our own labour and parts warranties, which cover the repair or replacement we have performed. We can offer a range of aftercare and customer plans, which cover aspects such as annual servicing, fixed cost repairs, emergency callout facilities, a dedicated customer helpline and extended warranties on your unit. We can discuss these options with you either when you agree to the quotation, or once we have completed the installation. Simply speak to one of our dedicated team and they can answer your questions and provide details of the customer care and warranties available.
Is there any after sales service following my installation?
Once installed, our fitters will run through the controls and features of your new system, explain how everything works, and provide you with an instruction manual. Your unit will be registered by our team, and you will receive Gas Safe and manufacturer warranties shortly afterwards. Our customer number is available to call at any time following your installation should you experience any issues or wish to discuss an additional care product or extended warranty. All products come with the manufacturer warranty and our parts and labour guarantee, so in the unlikely event of any problems as a result of our work, these will be dealt with as soon as possible.

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