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Do I need to service my boiler?

Do I need to service my boiler?

Whether you are the proud owner of a brand new boiler or have a model that’s 15 years old, it’s imperative that you have it serviced each and every year. There are numerous reasons for this, not least the most important factors – which are safety and reliability.

One of the essential reasons to have your boiler serviced is that if things go wrong there can be potentially fatal consequences. The most dangerous aspect and most common cause of boiler-related fatalities and health issues is the escape of carbon monoxide. This is a colourless and odourless gas that’s impossible to detect without a dedicated alarm or specialist equipment and can easily kill you if sufficient quantities of it are present. One of the important service checks carried out in an annual inspection is to ensure that there are no gas leaks present and no carbon monoxide escaping from your boiler system.

Your annual inspection will also ensure that the boiler and heating system is functioning at its most efficient. The heating and hot water costs are among the most expensive in any household, and an inefficient boiler can see those costs spiral. By having a regular boiler service, you could save hundreds of pounds on unnecessary wasted energy. It’s also important to check the pressure and make sure there’s no significant build up as this could potentially cause an explosion. The boiler engineer will also inspect your flue and carry out various checks for emissions.

The inspection will also look for wear and tear on your boiler, see if any parts need to be replaced, and will identify leaks, corrosion and anything that isn’t functioning as it should. Depending on your boiler service contract plan or terms of your inspection, replacement parts may even be covered as part of the charge. It’s a good rule of thumb that having parts replacement as required should save a lot of money compared to the potentially huge problems and costs down the line should you not have your appliance looked after regularly.

Another essential part of any service is to make sure the plumber or boiler engineer carrying out the inspection is registered as GasSafe. This is the UK’s official body which approves, and monitors work carried out within the UK – if you use an unqualified or non-registered engineer, not only are you putting your life potentially at risk, you may also invalidate your home insurance cover. It may even be a prerequisite of your annual cover to have your appliances serviced each year, so check the small print carefully.

Homeowners and landlords may have to produce an up to date safety certificate in the event of any related claim – if you don’t have one, you may well not be covered.

Most boilers and central heating systems also come with a good length warranty, up to 10 years in some cases after the boiler installation – however, this may also be dependent on an annual service schedule. Again, it’s vital to check the terms of your warranty and make sure you don’t invalidate any future claim for repairs or replacement parts.

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