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Worcester Bosch vs. Vaillant Boilers

Worcester Bosch vs. Vaillant Boilers

Worcester Bosch vs. Vaillant Boilers – Which Brand Should You Choose?

If you’re about to source a new boiler quote then you will need to decide on which make and model is the best investment for your home. Plumbers and boiler installers have relationships with most manufacturers directly, they can help provide advice and information on most domestic boilers to power your central heating and hot water system. In this article we look closely at two of the trusted manufacturers in the market, Worcester Bosch and Vaillant.

The Brands and Their Products

Worcester Engineering as the company was originally known, has been manufacturing domestic heating equipment since 1962. In 1992 the company was acquired by the German electronics and engineering giant Bosch, but its headquarters and manufacturing plants still remain based in the UK.

The company make regular, system and combi boilers with ‘Greenstar’ boilers being its flagship range. The Greenstar boilers were all given ‘Best Buy’ status by ‘Which’ magazine in 2017. The same consumer association magazine also voted Worcester Bosch gas boilers as the best on the market for eight years running. Worcester Bosch were also named best brand for boiler cover in the magazine’s 2017 boiler servicing report.

Their boilers usually come with a five to seven-year guarantee depending on the model, but if your boiler installation is carried out by a Worcester Bosch accredited installer this guarantee could be extended for up to ten years.

Vaillant are based in Germany and have been in business for more than a century. They are globally renowned for their high standards and manufacture heating, air conditioning and ventilation products. In 2014 their heating technology products became the first in the industry to gain the ‘Quiet Mark’ approval.

Like its competitors Vaillant’s products also include regular, system and combi boilers, with its main product range being ecoTEC domestic boilers. Since there launched in 2008, this range was completely overhauled back in 2012, and all the new models were given ‘Which Best Buy’ awards that same year.

Vaillant’s boiler guarantee length can also vary, between two and five years depending on the model you choose. However, these can sometimes be extended up to seven years if you arrange for your new boiler to be installed by a Vaillant Advance installer, and up to ten years if they install it with a boiler protection kit.

Features, Functionality and Price – Comparing Boiler Models

With both companies being closely matched in experience, reputation and service, your decision is likely to come down to the product features and price. While Worcester Bosch boilers used to be significantly cheaper than Vaillant boilers there is little difference between them now. Therefore, it’s recommended you directly compare the appropriate models to see which boiler best suits your needs.

For example, Worcester Bosch’s Greenstar 30i combi boiler is comparable to the Vaillant ecoTEC Pro Combi 30, both of these boilers have ErP efficiency ratings of A and easy to operate controls. However, while the Worcester Bosch model is more compact than the Vaillant version it has a lower flow rate, which mean you won’t get the hot water from it as quickly.

As you can see, each of the brand’s boilers will have their pros and cons, the boiler most suitable usually depends on the size of your property and the central heating and hot water system requirements, speak to your local boiler installation expert to help you come to the right decision.

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